Tax Appeals

Annual TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notices are mailed throughout Florida every August. The deadline for filing an appeal is in this Notice. The deadline cannot be extended, and postmarks do NOT count!

Every taxpayer has the right to appeal market value as indicated on the TRIM. IF market value is reduced, ad valorem taxes will be lower.

IMPORTANT POINT – caps on all assessments do NOT lower taxes – in fact the opposite usually is true. Timing is critical. In order to achieve lower tax payments, AFTER budgets and corresponding tax rates are set, then successful appeals of specific assessments will result in lower actual bills. You must understand the timing sequence to achieve maximum benefits!

Timing also relates to values. Assessments are based upon what a property is worth if offered to the market as if vacant on January 1st. In other words, assessments are retroactive. The data used to establish market value for property taxes typically is found in the prior calendar year.