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CPS President & Broker

Licensed in real estate since 1981, and a recognized authority on Florida Value Adjustment Boards, Sheila Anderson has a proven track record of results. She is no nonsense when it comes to being an advocate for her client’s property and tax rights. And, she demonstrates sincere concern for her clients.

Her insights are recognized and respected by officials in state and local government as well as professionals in the private sector. She has a knack for reading between the lines, often figuring out hidden consequences of proposed legislation affecting VABs.

Mrs. Anderson is a 2008 Top Woman In Florida Commercial Real Estate and belongs to DIRT (the legal discussion group founded by Patrick A. Randolph, Jr., Editor, Elmer F. Pierson Professor of Law UMKC School of Law).

She also is the author of the gross lot measurement definition incorporated throughout City of Miami Zoning Ordinance 11000. For her real estate perspective, see also our companion web site www.commercialpropertyservices.co.